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iAssign can be used anytime, anywhere to assign users and locations to your Ventis Pro Series instrument. Know who used the instrument when and where, making gas hazard analysis more effective.iAssign has three components - The iAssign app, iAssign tags, and near-field communication technology that is built into the gas detector. There are two basic steps required to use iAssign:
1. Use this app to program iAssign tags with assignment data. The tags can then be distributed to instrument operators or installed at a location.
2. Instrument users touch a Ventis Pro Series instrument to an iAssign tag. The instrument will beep to confirm that the assignment has been made.
Sample scenario 1: Each employee receives his or her own iAssign tag which can be attached to a name badge, employee ID, or other personal item. Then, each day, the employee picks up an instrument from the shared pool at the start of his or her shift. The instrument is touched to the iAssign tag and the assignment is complete.
Sample scenario 2: The iAssign app can be used to assign the location “Tank 1” to an iAssign tag. The tag can then be installed at the entrance to Tank 1. When Ventis Pro Series instrument operators enter Tank 1, they can touch their instruments to the tag and the location assignment will be saved to the instrument.